New Beginnings

Full Moon. Lunar Eclipse. Spider Woman and Dragons.

After the morning of the eclipse I experienced an intense evening of self revelation, truth telling and tears. I had been mucking about in the dark corners of my soul. Searching for the root causes of my problems, my uncomfortable emotions and character flaws.

I dug deep. Searching for my true self. My authentic self.

Spider Woman was over for our weekly visit. She shared with me a video tarot spread for those who felt drawn to watch. She had told me that her intuition kept calling my name when she came across it. So we watched it together. The spread was about endings, new beginnings, and moving into one’s true identity.

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starry night

Full Moon. Lunar eclipse. Spider Woman and Circles.

“We are weaving a new way, Stitching revolutions together, Spinning new worlds from our Wombs, Dreaming back the wild edges of our Souls, Calling forth that what has been lost. We are women of the Womb, Maddened by love into action, We are men of the heart, Softened into surrender, Afraid only of not feeling. We are thinking in a web, Your thread holds mine together. We are taleweavers and troubadours, Telling the words that were broken, Singing the songs of longing. We are weaving a new way, Using the thread of pain, Spinning it back into gold.”
~Seren Swannesha Bertrand

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Perspective is Key

It’s bendy and shifty.
One minute it looks one way and the next minute it looks another way.

Remember to never make judgement or set a belief based on the ever shifting perspective of the ego. Perspective is opinion based on what one is able to perceive and very few can accurately perceive the totality of the truth.

So, without judgement, shift with it.
There’s doors to unlock we didn’t even know were there.
Perspective is key.

Synchro Mystic Visions