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Samhain. Honoring Death and the Ancestors.

Summer’s End.
The Witch’s (Celtic) New Year.

The fruits of summer have been harvested. The sun recedes to nourish the south. The darkness of winter draws near in the north. The leaves fall. The vegetation dies. The souls of the dead are thought to revisit their homes upon the Earth.

This time of year is shrouded in the transformative properties of death. New life is always formed from the dead and decaying. It’s a time for release, laying down old ghosts, both psychological and psychic. A time for honoring the death aspect of the cycle of life, and in so doing, our ancestors who gave us life.

The space of time between Samhain and the Winter Solstice (Yule) is a dark, fertile time to dream, intend and plan. We can take this time to imagine all that we desire to bring forth in the coming year when the Sun is again re-born at Yule.

This year I’ll be celebrating the traditional 3 days of Samhain. I’ve never actually done this before. In becoming acutely aware of who I really am, honoring my transformation translates to accepting every opportunity to include release and connection as ritual and through ritual in my life.

There are no traditions in my family which relate to this time of year aside of modern Halloween festivities. So I devised for myself a blended craft practice and celebration which satisfies my neo-pagan-cathoic-taoist inclinations. I’m going to share my notes with you. I hope you find this outline useful in devising your own Samhain traditions.

The Altars

We’ll be creating two altars.

Autumnal altar
Colors: orange and black
Nature decoration: fallen leaves of various colors, mini pumpkins, a pomegranate, indian corn, rosemary, crystanthimums
Crystals: amethyst cluster, apache tears (obsidian)

Remembrance altar
Color: white
Decoration: white pillar candle, photos and other reminders of loved ones who have passed on.

Release the Ghosts      Oct. 31

Near 10 pm
Prepare slips of paper with aspects of ourselves we desire to release. (fear, anger, a bad habit, etc.)
Place a garlic clove and an orange candle at the west facing window.
Light the candle.
Recite: May only goodness and love enter here.
Burn the papers and affirm their death.
Sit in a space of open receptivity.
Draw runes for divination of what to focus intention upon for manifestation in the coming new year.

Call the Ancestors      Nov. 1

Clear your space, Build your Light bubble, Cast a simple circle of protection. (whatever suits you)
Go to imaginary space, meditating upon our lineage and the wisdom contained within our DNA.
Honor and thank the ancestors for their support of current conscious existence.
Reach as far back into our lineage as we can possibly imagine until a clear image of the totality of our collective heritage is in mind.
Request guidance and listen intently to what surfaces for a while. (images, whispers, thoughts, feelings)
Close with profuse gratitude.
Close your Light bubble or Break the circle.

 Celebratory Feast.      Nov. 2

Prepare soul-cakes along with dinner.
Evening feast table shall be set with an extra setting or two left unoccupied as a gesture to invite the essence of deceased loved ones to visit and enjoy the merriment with us.
Light white and orange candles.
Take time to bless the meal.
Recite: Bless all souls who lived before us that they may be free and wholly ascended into the Light.
Thank any guests who may have shown up to fill the space at the table created for them.


Imaginary Space. 5D Light Working and Trust.

I worked with a 5D lightworker lady for a while. She would do long distance energy work for my family and myself. Of course I wanted to be able to do this myself and I asked many questions of her.

My first question was about how she travels non-physically. “Are you astral traveling?” Her answer was a resounding no. She didn’t travel with her astral body, that was 4D, she traveled with her 5D light-body. Okaaay, I thought. Skip astral plane and get right to the good stuff. I can’t consciously OOB anyway and my light-body is already active apparently.

My next question was about how she moved from everyday physical awareness into this 5D light-body experience. I assumed it would be a difficult task with a deeply induced trance and maybe some complicated inner maneuvers to reach this trance state. The answer she gave blew me away. “I just lie down and go into a very light trance, still aware of my physical surroundings.” I was dumb-struck. My metaphorical jaw dropped on the floor.

“So you mean imaginary space?” I asked.

She replied. “Yes. A light trance engaging imaginary space. Sometimes I go somewhere on purpose by holding the image of a person and where they can be located in mind, and sometimes I’m drawn to people and places by Spirit and go about my work wherever I end up.”

Seriously dumb-struck. That explained a lot about all that shit I would see at night with my eyes closed before sleep came. Duh. How come I always build things up in my head to be so hard? This is EASY.

I had up until that day never understood the scrolling visions I would experience when in that pre-sleep stage after my mind had shut down it’s thought stream, but I had yet to fall asleep. Like portals into other places, maybe other times, and on occasion other dimensions. I also suddenly understood why I would get drawn toward one of them, watching like a movie things that were going on in other people’s lives. I really had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Except the battle scenes. It was always quite evident what I was doing in the battle scenes. I would be drawn straight to the children. I’d muster up the brightest light I could embody, radiating all the love, peace and comfort I could. I hope those children experienced the most benevolent of angelic visions, or at least a smidge of calm in their hearts in those dark moments. It was all I knew to do.

Recently I was coaching my oldest daughter on this whole imaginary space thing. She’s a very gifted energy worker. Far more advanced and connected than I was at her age. I had asked her if she could do long-distance work and she responded that she had not yet tried. Upon further discussion it was evident that she, the same as I, was building it up in her head to be way more complicated that it actually is. She proceeded to ask me how it was done.

I told her: Go into your imaginary space and trust what you see there, trust what your intuition tells you to do while you’re there. Do not doubt for a second what your senses and intuitive communion with all that is tells you.

And this is where a lot of us psychics and visionaries, witches and energy workers get hung up.


Trust your inner vision. Trust that your imaginary space is indeed real. Trust your intuition and visionings of what you are supposed to be doing while there. Trust in the fact your High Self runs the show and it knows more than you what’s up.

You know you’re connected. You know your High Self knows what it’s doing and lacks an ego to distort it’s communiques. There’s no need to be the sort of humble that creates doubt and thoughts of “Oh no! I can’t do that! That can’t be real. I’m not all that.” You most definitely are ALL THAT. And more.

To dispel the doubts all one must do is embrace the sort of humility which recognizes that Great Spirit, the God/dess, First Source lives and moves within all things. The Force moves through YOU and your High Self has access to more information than can fit in the human brain. And it especially can’t fit into the limiting human ego. High Self works with the Force to guide you to express your highest potential.


My Mother’s Bookcase and the I AM Presence.

My mother had an amazing bookcase. It was filled end to end and top to bottom with all sorts of books. Books on ancient Egypt, religion, the lives of the the saints. A set of 1948 encyclopedias, reference books, geometry, trig, and all sorts of fiction. There were space exploration books, mindfulness books and even some Chicken Soup for the Soul.

When I was 12 I found a very interesting book in my mother’s bookcase. It was pink. I’ve always disdained pink. I don’t even know what caused me to pull it out. I hadn’t even noticed it before. Besides being pink it had one of those line drawings of a 1950’s era housewife on the cover, big puffed out skirt and all. I think there may have also been an image of a teenaged girl on the cover as well. I don’t quite remember. I don’t even remember the title or author name. What I do remember is the magic that was inside it.

This indistinct pink book that from all appearances looked like a handbook for being a good housewife in the 50’s assisted me in my ability to manifest, intend and affirm more than I could have ever guessed. This book spoke of the Universal Divine Feminine, how to tap into it, and how to affirm it. It dealt with becoming and talked about how we are sparks of the Universal Light Force, in exact replica, miniaturized. There were tons and tons of affirmations all starting with the words “I AM”.

I AM. Powerful creatrix tool. Extremely powerful. Being present and aware in the I AM. Magical. twitter bird

  • I AM the Universal Life Force as expressed through the Divine Feminine.
  • I AM powerful, vibrant, aware.
  • I AM graceful, beautiful, compelling.
  • I AM nurturing, kind, loving.
  • I AM (insert desired adjective here.)

Not only did this crazy pink book have reams of I AM affirmations and various ideas for how to manifest through affirmations that which you desire to experience or be, but it also had clear instructions on how to actually make affirmations work. I learned how connect to the divine source within me. How to be present and mindful to it’s presence within my presence. I learned how to use the power of this sort of presence to FEEL what each and every word I was affirming felt like from the inside, out.

Granted, I had already read a Shirley McClaine book which taught me how to actually focus on my energy field in order to become a better “feeling” psychic. (auditory, knowing, feeling, visual, you get it.) So I had some practice with feeling what things felt like.

I made a list and hand wrote two sheets of affirmations then taped them to the wall at the head of my bed. At night I would sit there and read them while meditating upon them.

It took some days of practice for me to get from dealing with a fidgety mental state, reading the words too fast and hollow, feeling like I was faking it, to really slowing down and feeling each and every word-concept to it’s fullest.

Soon enough I was slowly savoring each and every word. Not moving on until I was satisfied that I had felt the perfect embodiment of each and every title and adjective.

I remember going over those affirmations for months and months.

Those affirmations and the process of learning how to embody and in turn vibrate the essence of them reshaped everything I knew about existence, and how we can shape it via focusing on our own personal divine presence.

Thank Goddess for mother’s and their magic bookcases.

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