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Our consciousness is shifting. Expanding. Encompassing more dimensions.  Or maybe, a harmonic resonance based on galactic as well as local astrology tones are setting the stage for a new expanded portal of perception. More likely, it is our manifested senses which are becoming sharper and broader in dimensional perception. Evolving and expanding to penetrate the unseen. Either way, alchemy is involved and magical metaphors are real.

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The Three Faces of Self – Full Moon Contact Oct 2016 – by Ananda Divine

Special guest posting by my friend, sister and mentor in the craft. Originally posted on October 17, 2016 by Ananda Divine The Three Faces of Self And as the sacred hemlock sank between my teeth, numbing my gums, my throat, and evermore my consciousness, I allowed self to slip between the veil, into the watery womb of Her who is the keeper of all that is wholly. I intend that this Full Moon illuminates your desires for the month. I intend that your manifestations blossom fully in the energy of Aries and that you are moved to let the warrior archetype within be expressed in a way that is healthy and in a way that your passions are fashioned with patience and amicability to those who work along side you to fulfill your wantings. I wish to discuss the shadow which may be lurking in the background of the illumination of Read More


A Sacred Seed has Been Planted

In the week previous to this weekend’s “black” new moon I was messaging with a sister in Spain about the unraveling of her own preconceptions about reality and how things were unfolding as her conscious awareness grew and expanded. In our conversation she mentioned how she received a message through a very balanced and open channel of a lovely girl.The message: Stop invoking Kali, invoke Venus. I was taken aback for a moment, wondering why I was taken aback. Then it sank in. The richer meaning behind those words being much more deep than may appear we may miss it in our shedding of the old skin; the killing off of old patterns, thought-forms, constructs of ego, and so on. Sometimes we concentrate so much so on the destruction of ourselves for well meaning intent. But you know, something my mom would say from time to time, the road to Read More


Dilating the Pupil of Awareness Pt 1 – The Darkness & Hecate

Be still in the darkness. This teaches receptiveness to universal guidance. How to move in flow w/ high consciousness. If you’re quiet inside, you’ll be able to hear, see, know, feel. Then you know what moves to make, when, how. In the moment. Even in total darkness. I utilize this practice as a painter, a mother, a friend, an intuitive counselor, a healer and energy worker. We are more than what we have been led to believe. We are so much more deep, rich, fertile, aware, conscious than we have allowed ourselves to be. Sometimes when I’m really quiet and deep inside I think I can see my soul. I’m fiery and alive with a magick my conscious mind knows nothing about. I could read all the books and question all the masters and still not be as intelligent or knowledgeable as this thing which speaks to me when I’m Read More


The Magick In Your Hands Pt 1

You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve read about it in the books. Magicians and witches shooting light from their fingers, or drawing symbols upon things which would then alight with magic. If only it were real right? How much fun it would be! Well, I’m gonna say that it IS real. Just not so technicolor as in the movies or our imaginations. My story begins in my mid-twenties with a book written by a Shaolin Master divulging “secrets of the Tao” which he felt the world needed to know. The new age was dawning, humans were waking up, and he was sharing for the betterment of humanity. I gobbled that shit up. After practicing a LOT of subtle energy cultivation techniques, walking meditations, anger calming techniques and the like I finally got to the part about making magic symbols and talismans. What was this sorcery? This was something I Read More


Be Love

As far as I can tell, from my experience as well as data accumulation, Love is not the opposite of evil, hate, darkness or fear. It transcends all. Seems we get confused because we have used the term love to describe attachment, fondness, enthusiasm and so on as a short-form verb when it’s actually a noun which only appears as an action type of word in some instances because we are not always fully aware of the fact that we do not move through time. Time moves through us. Maybe there is a clarification I am not aware of as yet. A different word or conceptual twist I’m missing. Regardless, when we are acting out of a steady and grounded selfless space of love, no perceived evil can exist. There can be nothing which works against us as each and every experience, whether perceived as good or bad, leads us Read More


My Kid Taught Himself How to Read

My unschooled 7 year old has most definitely taught himself to read over the last year. Leaps and bounds have been made just over the last 4 months!  I take no credit. It was all him. I was as hands off as possible for this process as I wanted to prove my well researched position (there is much scientific evidence) that at around 7 years old kids’ brain development just makes it more natural to read. I realize there is a bell curve in regards to learning anything, reading included. I began to read books when I was four. Others may need specialized instruction because of brain wiring and may develop later than average bell curve kids. There were a few times along the way that myself or my husband would get antsy about whether this was going to work out exactly the way I thought it would (again, as Read More


For the Struggling Priestesses

I know it’s been hard. There has been a great push in the energies to clear out ALL of the crap. The unseen crap. The crap in the basement and shoved in the corners. The crap that no one has wanted to clean up for ever so long. The crap that stinks in rancid neglect. The crap that’s been buried under our skin for many lifetimes in many forms. It’s a pain in the ass. It can be confusing. It can take a supreme amount of energy. Trust that your High Self is placing before you the necessary experiences you need in order to grow at this time. Growth is painful. It’s never easy and is always associated with having one feeling or another that is usually labeled as bad or unwelcome. Welcome the darkness sister. We are transmuting more than just our own karmas and traumas. Everything that’s been Read More