Welcome to Mama Jedi

Dragon22Do you remember who you really are?  I do.

You are a spark of the Divine.
You are a living breathing
God consciousness.

And everything in you manifests out there.
Cosmic holo-fractal awareness.

From your heart you were created.
And to your heart you will return.

What’s in your heart becomes your reality.

From an open heart all good things flow.


Fire up your innate mysticism, your natural passions & your experience of communion with DIVINE PRESENCE.

feed your field ⋅ engage your true self ⋅ sharpen your imagination ⋅ expand your senses ⋅ stir your soul ⋅ realize your desires ⋅  remember who you really are


Here’s what my heart has for you.



I can connect heart to heart with you, hold space, and facilitate opening your heart to the radiance that is you.


I can channel unconditional love, acceptance and nurturing energy from the Divine Mother into your energy field.


I can help you determine which techniques and best practices would be most suitable for you to vitalize and empower yourself. Then turn all that into a viable long term plan for your continued awakening.


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