It Takes Discipline – From Judgment To Empathy

During our transformation of conscious awareness there are times where we come across rough spots. Blemishes are found that we did not know of, or may not want to accept are there. While life moves along we may forget to be heart centered and pay attention to the way our electromagnetic fields are vibrating. Then all of a sudden we find that we’ve once again succumbed to old patterns and our hardened hearts are stubborn to let go and allow love to move freely yet again. It’s times like these that we may need a little help shifting to a different frequency.

My last rough spot was exactly as described above. In the midst of new revelations and further development I found myself revisiting old vibratory patterns and thought forms which were hidden in core aspects of my being. I had not been paying attention to my heart frequency so I fell back into patterns which do not serve me well in the least.

Thank heavens for group consciousness assisting on the path toward enlightenment. My good friend’s comment about my rough spot hit it in the very first statement. Empathy. It took me a little while to notice I was trying to figure out a solution via the mind and that it was the heart which would be able to solve the problem.

In my mind it had seemed that there was nothing I could do to help the friction I was feeling as it was not me who was being closed, judgmental and unbending. But I knew better. There must be something I was missing. Something within myself which was causing me to experience such anger, frustration and more than just a little bit of superiority. But I wasn’t quite sure just what empathy had to do with it.

Carefully examining my thoughts, feelings and actions brought me toward understanding empathy as a form of compassion, and compassion as a form of love.

Wait a minute! I have not been expressing through love all this time?

No, I have not. Instead I had been judgmental and defensive. My heart had hardened while I wasn’t looking and my mind was more than happy to do it’s best to justify what seemed like the most logical argument to remain that way.

While I sat with this mini-revelation for a while I practiced reopening my heart a little at a time. Drawing my attention into my center every little moment I remembered to, stopping my mind and breathing.

I was able to gain some perspective in that I am not powerless over my experience. When I feel powerless over the shambles of the reality around me I freak out. Why do I freak out? Because I am  in fear over loss of control. What can I do about my outer world? Well duh. I can assist in the transformation of my outer experience by focusing on realigning my inner experience. I know it works. I’ve done it before. I had simply forgotten momentarily while I let myself slip away through lack of self discipline.

Self discipline. Yep, I’m a lazy metaphysician.

It takes work to consciously alter our energy fields from the patterns we were born within to higher states of being and maintain these higher states of awareness consistently. When we are not diligent in our practice of exemplifying the One our energy patterns always want to shift back to their habitual state of being. Seems to be a law of the universe or some such. (Electron probability fields, group consensus and consciousness embeds.) So when we are not disciplined in daily practice of holding a higher frequency pattern our energy fields just drop out the bottom and swirl down into a vortex of misaligned discord. In my case I end up being judgmental and crass. I lose sight of the love frequencies of empathy and compassion.

This is where a daily program of consciously living each moment of each day comes into play. Identifying those things which helps us to remain centered in our hearts and mustering the self discipline necessary to utilize them is a good place to begin.

Here’s a short list of things which help me get heart centered.

  • Morning Quiet Time
  • Walking Meditations
  • Speaking Less
  • Listening to Healing Frequencies
  • Breathing Slow

What do you do that helps you in active transformation? What is your short list to heart centeredness?