Point to Ponder – Dimensional Consciousness

So, the Great Magnetic Mother of All desires me to share something with my Jedeyes.

Man has always considered himself to exist at the center of the universe. This may actually reflect the principle that other forms of consciousness, such as rocks, may also experience themselves as existing at the center of the universe. In other words, the experience may be a manifestation of the nature of consciousness, in general, rather than being exclusiveness to the qualities of human consciousness. Thus, whereas we have tended to view rocks as being a part of our environment, they may in turn, view us as being merely a portion of their environment.

See, it is our particular dimension of consciousness which produces the world in which we find ourselves manifest:

♥ dimension = calculations of space the dynamics of which act as a template used to interface with so as to experience a manifestation of consciousness…
♥ form = function
♥ and what dictates form? – the subatomic harmonic oscillations of particles which manifest magically from the aether (however you wanna extrapolate that metaphoric phrase in regards to the very real evidence of quantum physics and it’s attributes)

All forms of life within the particular ecosystem of earth as well as all star systems have a particular frequency at which they resonate. Science will soon uncover and be able to measure through looking closely at electro-magnetic field structures, patterns and inter-relations that consciousness has not a singular, nor static manifestation.

Inter-dimensional travel is entirely possible through mastering the harmonic oscillations of the self’s own manifestation of consciousness (even when it looks like reality is still the same).

Here on earth we realize a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional manifestation of the particular resonant harmonics attributed to our star system and plane I mean, if we are each unique manifestations of consciousness based on our own subatomic harmonic oscillations then what of the earth and our star system and it’s unique make up of universal harmonic oscillations? and what of the same for all the various points of light in the universe?

To me it looks like a great undulating, vibrating, radiant electro-magnetic field fractaling in on and out of itself in a brilliant display of spinning points of humming light multiplied exponentiall

♥ Here’s a helpful video for Imagining the Tenth Dimension