12 Days of Light. Nurturing the Newborn Dream.

Understand the wheel of the year as a magical recipe book.

At Samhain all we had been in 2014 died. We entered the underworld for introspection and review. Transmutation and realignment. During Winter Solstice, we are born again, in the light. The intentions we set between the two times are the building blocks of the coming new year.

I spent the time between Samhain and Solstice Eve in the dark fertile places of my being. Seeking resolution, transmutation, guidance, deeper connection. Desiring a brighter, purer, all encompassing and radiant expression of Divine Light/Presence.

The Light has been re-birthed and shall take on a new form in the coming year. Paying mind to the Light will magnify it’s manifestation. Part of my Solstice ceremonies this year is paying mind to nourishing the Light which was birthed on the Solstice. For 12 days.

Spending time with our intentions, our desires and really getting a feel for them will allow them space to come to being.  Imaginary space helps set the stage. Feel from the very core of your being what those intentions feel like. Use all your senses to embody your core desired feelings.

Invoke the Light. Seriously. Straight up Invoke the Light every moment you remember who you really are.

In order to nurture the manifestation of this new creation I’ve decided to pay mind to the celebration of the 12 days of Light (Yule, Christmas). Making use of the altar which I constructed on the 1st day of Light. Tonight, the 2nd day of Light, I spent some time sitting in front of it with some meditation music on.

The Morrighan, my oldest daughter, and one of her friends came down into the space for a chakra clearing session with my “working” quartz. Another of my kids’ friends came down after the lights came back on and was admiring the crystals I had laid out. I offered to explain what they were and what I used them for.

I ended up gifting both of them little clusters of celestite. They were very attracted to the metaphysical properties and I wanted to give some light tonight. Some angelic presence. Those two need it. They’re siblings who’s mother passed over this past summer. My intentions are with them and their healing process.

Invoke the Light.

It’s the little things, daily. The giving and the growing. Nurture that light every day. Allow the Universe to attract you those situations, interactions, experiences that will fulfill your desired states of being. Actively engage your true self in the process.

Trust your high self supports you and universe will magically rearrange to meet the needs of your desires, growth and presence.