Cultivating Divine Presence Through Emotional Lenses. An Embodiment How-To.

You want Divine Presence. You can’t help but want it.

This is the no circles or rituals version of making magick happen in your reality. This is spell casting in it’s raw unadulterated form. If you’re practiced in moving into and out of trance states easily, or if you’re practiced in focusing intently with present minded awareness then the following will be easy-peasy. If you’re not so experienced in either of these it may take some practice.

The power of the I AM affirmation.

I AM Love.
I AM Joyful.
I AM Vibrant.
I AM Powerful.
I AM Sacred.
I AM imbued with Divine Grace.
I AM a channel of the highest frequencies of Divine Presence.
I AM a Divine Spark of the Universal Feminine Principle.
I AM the embodiment of …
I AM …

What part of Divinity do you want to be?

I AM affirmations are a powerful place to start cultivation of any virtue or energy configuration. Merely uttering the phrase I AM draws on the magickal power of the voice and creates Presence.

Divine Presence is the I AM part. But do you know how you want Divine Presence to manifest through you? What form shall it take? Our energy bodies are the lenses Divine Presence must move through to be made manifest.

There IS a difference between rote memorization of an affirmation and an energetically imbued affirmation. This is the work of the mental and emotional bodies combined. When both of these energy bodies are present within your I AM affirmations and declarations, your manifestive abilities increase dramatically.

I’m talking about really FEELING what you want to embody and make manifest. Thinking alone is a hollow act in my experience. It’s only one dimension of a three dimensional whole. Mental, Emotional and Physical. Empty affirmations have been the bane of many a metaphysical practitioner and have some people turned off of affirmations permanently.

One must be able to summon within themselves the sensation, the feeling of, that which is to be experienced, made manifest.

Some I AM affirmations don’t necessarily appear to be feelings at first. But I assure you, they are. Every single state of being or quality you want to embody and exhibit can indeed be felt. Everything has an energy signature that can be felt through the senses.

Take some time each day to cultivate your desired feeling, or state of being. Sit in quiet contemplation of the sensation you desire to embody and do whatever it takes to generate that feeling within your body.

If you have to think of a situation, a movie, a person you believe already embodies what you want to embody, or whatever to get your emotional body in energetic motion toward you feeling what you want to feel, DO IT.

Get deep in your imagination however you need to in order to generate the tingle of that emotion, or state of being. Do whatever it takes to get that emotion flowing through your body.

Mingle that sensation with your current intentions. Draw them together so that the feeling is now part of your current desired states of being. You can imagine yourself doing anything in life that helps to sustain the sensations of your desired state. Spending outdoor time with the kids. Seeing everyone laughing together. Accomplishing the task. Being of service. Pulling off the party.

Emotion is a lens. It expands the concentrated mental construct you want to manifest into an enlivened state of being. Divine Presence is then channeled through your emotional lens and made manifest. How much of it manifests is dependent upon how much energy you put into it.

Feel out your desired feelings and states of being every single day. More than once a day.

Another step is to do a physical action each day which is in alignment with the state of being, emotion you want to experience. No matter how small an action it may be, do it. The daily physical actions add a solidity and a sense of personal empowerment. Taking action on how you want to feel and what you want to be is seen by Universe as taking responsibility. The more you take action on it, the more the Universe wants to give it to you.

When you’ve generated enough energy and let Universe know through persistence that this is what you want to manifest, embody, feel – magick will happen. Universe will rearrange itself to fit your needs. You will attract people and situations which will cause you to feel what you’ve been working on. You will begin to experience the states of being you have called upon to embody.

Love. Joy. Grateful. Affluent. Gentle. Wise. Kind. Grace. Powerful. Productive. Accomplished. Luxurious. Nurtured. Sexy. Sacred.

What do you want to experience? What do you want to embody? What do you want to feel? What are your desires? What are you going to do to get you to that state of being?

When you know how you want to feel, you know who and what you want to be. When you got all that, remember to combine all three energy bodies in small daily acts which will cultivate the energy thereof within. Before you know it, you’ll be effortlessly moving from experience to experience full of that which you spent the energy to cultivate.