Enter Grace. Allowing Divine Presence to Move Through the Chaos.

Grace is the frequency of being uplifted and untouched by the low vibe stuff while in the thick of it. Grace is the state of being bouyantly carried along by Divine Presence while navigating perceived states of discomfort.

We ask for grace before a meal to ensure it will vibrate high enough to sustain us well. Where did the food come from? Was it ethically raised and prepared? What energy or health has it for us? When magickal grace is applied, miracles happen. The food we nourish ourselves with is imbued with as high a vibrational rate as we can imagine and emanate.

We say a person is graceful when they can mentally and emotionally navigate difficult situations without loosing it. We say a person is graceful when they physically navigate an environment with apparent ease and beauty. Most times we believe that a person is born with grace. Some have it, some don’t.

I believe grace can be cultivated. Grace can be asked for, and received.

I was having an intimate conversation with a friend of mine not too long ago. In our discussion it was revealed to me that she keeps her visits with me short because she feels she is too chaotic and unbalanced. Her perceptions of me and the space I create to exist within is too pure and innocent for her to truly let loose and be herself in. She claimed it was too difficult for her to maintain an appearance of the balance I carry.

It was a powerful revealing for me. I’m too pure and innocent. I had to feel this out thoroughly. I was confused for a bit, as I certainly do not see myself as the epitome of purity and innocence. I’ve been through some serious shit and worn my ego masks for far too long. I make mistakes and struggle with aspects of my transformation just like everyone else.

Did I still have a mask of perceived perfection? Maybe, maybe not. I finally realized that she wanted to be a good reflection for me while in my presence. Little did she realize that she already reflected me perfectly and didn’t need to restrain her authentic showing of self for my sake.

It also occurred to me. As much as she was trying to control her energy state while in my presence, I had also done the same. Both of us believed that we needed to show forth in the present the highest aspects of ourselves with each other. This isn’t inherently a bad thing. It just isn’t very authentic. Especially when we’re talking about a sacred priestess connection where hiding parts of ourselves isn’t an option.

We would do better for each other to be our real selves and allow the interchange to work it’s self-discovery magic.

I decided it was time to share with my friend some experiences I had which were definitely not pure and far from innocent. Scary, vulnerable things which showed I have not always been in such a sweet spot of radiant vibrancy. The skeletons in my closet.

Some people are so wounded by the dark, ugly things they’ve experienced that they never get over it. They are damaged, and act accordingly. Unable to come to terms with the oftentimes recurring experiences of self-hate caused by early childhood conditioning, truama or past-life trauma, the patterns keep manifesting and their personalities become crazy, chaotic, bi-polar. I was on my way to that state becoming a norm for me. Oh so very close.

Enter Grace.

Grace means all your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of shame.

Early on in my life I affirmed that I would allow Grace presence in my life. I wanted to be graceful in every form of the word. Grace was one of my I AM affirmations. Before I was damaged by my own dark and scary experiences I had it grounded into my being that I would embody Grace.

And so it is.

I learned how to operate in a state of Divine Grace. My sins, shortcomings and grave mistakes in judgement which led to some terrible experiences don’t distort or malign my character, my actions or my presence. They are what they are, and I was not too terribly afraid to have experienced them, horrible as they may sound to others.

Grace entered and I eventually used my jumbled closet skeletons to empower myself rather than allow dis-empowerment to take up residence permanently in my life. Navigating my experiences with Grace allows the mental and emotional bodies to be damaged, while still acting as the sacred being.

It’s Grace which allows us to rise above the chaos, the maya, and radiate our Divine Presence through it all.