3 Beginner Meditations. Know Thyself. Expanding High Sense Perception.

At the age of 19 I had a massive psychic awakening which resulted in a week of instruction and tuning by a relative of mine. This is when my third eye busted open and I had to integrate new dimensions to my consciousness. Previous I had learned self-hypnosis and practiced subtle energy cultivation and consciousness altering (trance inducing) techniques. I was instructed in how to expand my conscious awareness and use my high sense perception to perceive subtle energy and establish neural connections which would facilitate a loosening of my reality matrix. The first three meditations recommended to me when I began activation 22 years ago. 1. This exercise helps you to really know thy body. It also assists in developing high sense perception. Lie down comfortably in bed, close your eyes and shift your perception to where you think you are in your head, behind the eyes. Get into Read More