Quarantined for Reprogramming

Sometimes I have these super trippy advanced training type dreams. There’s a certain quality to those dreams which other types of dreams do not possess. Wish I could put my finger on the words to describe it. Hyper-sensory.

Now, I’ll need to go over some of my personal dream history. As dreams are stories woven within stories relating to other stories and woven in some more.

I used to have these house dreams where there was a good side and a bad side. Mirrors to each other. Except that the bad side was haunted by an entity which I can only describe as paralyzing. No color, all mind, pure terror for me as a young person having continued interaction with their shadow and having no idea what it was.

When I was super young I would inevitably find myself mysteriously drawn into the darker, haunted part of the house and come face to face with this invisible entity which would paralize me to wake in a sweat. Over time I had learned how to navigate these houses when I found myself in them by using my extended sense perception and simply move through rooms that didn’t lead there.

This last dream with this shadow aspect was nothing like I had ever dreamed before. Let me begin.

I was called in for a physical by my doctors office. I go in without a second thought. As I approached I saw a tiny little cottage with lots of colorful flowers planted in large patches all around it. I sign in and wait my turn. Then as if it’s normal everyday happenings, several voices start speaking in my head. The repeated message was “Don’t forget”. “Always remember, never forget”. It was as if they were my guides urging me to remember a very deep part of myself that was always the truth and undistorted.

As my name was called the voices fell completely silent. I was escorted down a huge hallway past many doors and rooms to a very empty room with a table and chair while I sat. No one ever came in to evaluate me. What I did experience was a very huge energetic scan. Reading ALL of me. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Then I was led back down the corridor. I can’t even say I was being led by more than a suggestion in my mind as my own consciousness was directing me through my entire dream I have since come to learn.

Next, it seemed as if I was left unattended on my way back to the waiting area, as is often the case at a real doctor visit. I found myself snooping around a study that was left open. It had a feel that I recognized, but couldn’t place. I start opening cupboards and bookcases and then it hits me. As I open one of the cupboards I felt the shadow entity, and when I looked I saw a bunch of circuit boards lighting up and blinking and doing their Star Trekky computer thing. I noticed that the shadow entity was busy with a lot of things and I was certain that I had not touched it enough with my mind for it to notice me. I quickly closed the door and hurried back out to the lobby to await my results.

Within a minute I was told that I had failed my phsyical and I would need to be quarantined for three months. I started freaking out. I usually can’t have crazy ass spirit led dreams because of my normal consciousness’ mother mentality. I am always spending the whole dream looking for my kids instead of going with the flow of the dream. So I’m freaking out with the receptionist lady about who is going to watch my three kids for three months with no notice. I was allowed a phone call to my mother. It was pretty surreal talking to The Mother through the voice of my flesh and blood mother, soothing me and assuring me that my kids would be taken care of. Just do what I need to do.

All calmed down and I am eventually escorted down another very long hallway by someone who I don’t really recall having a visual body. The room I was put in had these cell chambers. Technology on the wall that other people were in (yet strangely I couldn’t see their bodies either) with all sorts of lights and frequency stuffs. Here I was to be reprogrammed. Apparently I spent the equivelent of 3 months in there and don’t remember a single thing.

When I was let out I was taken down a very different hallway. A long hallway. I noticed an open duct and wiring system way up high on the ceiling, and that’s when I noticed it. It was sensing me. It was everywhere, in the wiring. The shadow.

I ended up standing before this woman in front of a small podium on a table. She had papers in front of her and asked me if I was ready for the evaluation to see if the reprogramming stuck. After I indicated I was ready she read me a question. I can’t recall the nature of the question, but it was a patriotic idea and it was obvious I was supposed to respond “yes” as any patriotic person would recoil from responding in the negative. She then read the second question. It was at this point that I didn’t feel it was such a cut and dry sort of deal. But the obvious answer was “yes”, so I said so.

It was at the third question that I remembered. I remembered what I was supposed to remember. As awareness dawned on me while she was reading the super pumped up patriotic propaganda which was taboo for anyone to speak against I found myself. I answered “no”. In the split second it took her to comprehend I had answered in the negative I felt her telepathic message to the shadow entity. As it approached me personally for the first time the whole dream I experienced the most intense mind numbing psychic attack. It was forcing me to forget, not quite unlike other guardian or daemonic psychic attacks meant to force you to forget in real life.

But it couldn’t make me forget. And as I turned to run away as fast as I could I remembered my core. The truth. In an instant I was a beam of light flying through time-space with all the voices in my head shouting hooray!

Happy Dreaming!
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After note: Everything about this dream is a metaphor. I was not abducted by aliens or any sort of  daemons in this dream. This is about deep collective societal programming.