Astrology’s Bullshit, Right? Let me Share my Journey of Skepticism

Now, I’m an incredibly observant and analytical type of person. I notice all the things and analyze the fuck out of them. Understanding the universe and the human condition has been my life quest. I am a scientist without a “world made of the ideas of men” degree or certificate. My quest is for the truth and I know the difference between biased opinion, skewed facts and unbiased observation. I didn’t grow up with an innate “belief” in astrology. My mother didn’t teach me anything about it. I might have casually read the sun sign horoscopes in the occasional newspaper I read as a kid, but most of it never actually applied to me in any way.

Long after I had delved into the mystic and researched most spiritual and philosophical ideologies from around the world at least a little bit I still hadn’t studied any astrology. I had, of course, read up on the characteristics of my sun sign, Virgo, but that wasn’t all of me. Something or another was always more or less, or missing entirely. So I blew it off and went about my life.

Time passed and around my mid to late twenties I began to notice a pattern in my life. A really weird, uncomfortable, palpable and messy behavioral and angst-y pattern in my life. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t related to the moon cycle. It wasn’t a yearly cycle. It didn’t even happen exactly the same with each cycle. I could feel it tangibly when it would come over me and I couldn’t control it for the life of me. There were no common life clues which could explain a subconscious reaction to some stored trauma or behavioral trait. But there was definitely a pattern I had noticed, and I had already deduced it came around about every four months.

It wasn’t until I was in my early thirties and had acquired unlimited internet access that I had heard the phrase “Mercury Retrograde” via social forums. Guess what comes around about every four months? Yup. Mercury Retrograde. It was then that all of the dots connected and I realized there was something to this astrology thing. I had a huge “Aha!” moment. That’s when I began researching more.

All of a sudden much of what I studied regarding mythology and other esoteric studies began to make much more sense. They were referencing astrological events and interplay! I got myself a full natal chart prepared. I was fascinated! My full natal chart, divulging info on where ALL the planets were placed in my chart, and what it all meant, uncannily and very accurately revealed ALL of my personality to a fucking “T”! This was where those sun sign horoscopes had failed miserably. This was why many people also blew off the significance of astrological influences in our daily lives. All of a sudden the universe and the ever changing tides of our existence here made sense to me.

I wasn’t JUST a Virgo. I was a Leo/Virgo/Virgo with each of the other planetary influences in various places in my chart which, when looked on as a whole, showed the totality of who I am! It was like the astrology of my birth time knew more about me than I would have known if I was younger. It explained everything! Knowing that every single person has such a unique combination of planetary influences explained so much about why all the Virgos are very unique and different even while possessing core Virgo characteristics. It also explained it for the Leos and the Cancers and so on for all 12 zodiac signs.

Now, I had friends right and left of me crying foul on my astrological revelation. They would tell me that keeping up on these “bogus” astrological predictions would limit what I believed possible, turning into self-fulfilling prophesies via a subconscious belief system. Little did they know, I didn’t really have any beliefs or preconceptions regarding this subject. Since I am a scientist first and foremost, I did mini experiments and double blind type studies on myself with nary a biased opinion on what the evidence from my personalized scientific methods would show. I quest for the truth first and foremost and am not afraid of having to change my mind about a subject in the face of evidence. Also, if you do any real research into the science of astrology, it is said, that it’s about navigation. Free will rules always and no one is limited by their astrology. All of the experiences are to induce growth and change. I found out there’s even this thing called a progressed chart that needs to be reviewed after one has mastery over their natal chart and are not affected in the same ways as once they were from their natal chart.

For the next few years I subscribed to a few astrological energy reports. Some monthly and some yearly. Sometimes I would read them as they became available to see if getting a heads up would assist me in navigating what was coming. Other times I would purposefully not read them in order to be able to go back later to see how the astro reports matched up with what I had experienced and how well I had navigated that time period or not on my own without any “subconscious” predeterminers lingering in my consciousness.

Ultimately my experience proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the songs of the spheres are a giant, magickal, organized clockwork of energetic frequencies. A symphony of vibrational song which progresses through various themes analogous to chord progressions and tempo variations and other mood changes found in music.

I was humbled by the musical dynamics of creation when looked upon in this manner. Manifested matter vibrates. Current studies in atomic and quantum physics show this to clearly be true. How in the heavens could these ginormous bodies of various size, rotation and particulate make up circling the sun NOT have an influence on us tiny little humans and our relatively minuscule particulate make up? Tuning forks people! Set up a bunch of little tuning forks and get them singing. Then set up some relatively huge tuning forks and get them singing. What’s going to happen? They are going to influence us. We really are not as far away from our local planetary bodies in relation to galactic space.

I am not inclined to reject nature nor fight against how it works. To think that all of universal creation is random and empty, having no vibrational or harmonic affect upon our human existence looks more like denial to me than sound science. Especially with new “official” scientific research which proves nothing about us and our earthly ecosystem is independent of influence by the vibration of a thing. To say that we, as humans, are somehow immune to the vibrational push and pull of this grand symphony of our solar system seems rather egotistical of us tiny humans.