For the Struggling Priest/esses

I know it’s been hard.

There has been a great push in the energies to clear out ALL of the crap. The unseen crap. The crap in the basement and shoved in the corners. The crap that no one has wanted to clean up for ever so long. The crap that stinks in rancid neglect. The crap that’s been buried under our skin for many lifetimes in many forms.

It’s a pain in the ass.

It can be confusing. It can take a supreme amount of energy. Trust that your High Self is placing before you the necessary experiences you need in order to grow at this time. Growth is painful. It’s never easy and is always associated with having one feeling or another that is usually labeled as bad or unwelcome.

Welcome the darkness sister.

We are transmuting more than just our own karmas and traumas. Everything that’s been impressed upon and encoded into our DNA over the eons is coming up and into the light so we can re-write our future DNA. We are embodying the rising of the Divine Feminine. And she’s not all love and light honey.

Think Morrighan, Lilith & Kali Ma.
She ruthlessly destroys that which needs destruction.

Get into your dark aspect.
It will help you ever so much honey.

She’s been dominated, tortured, ridiculed, defaced, violently deflowered, oppressed and spat upon by the current rule of distorted and maligned masculine for quite some time now. Ever since we see in history the disappearance of the temples dedicated to the goddesses and the rise of monotheistic patriarchal religion. She has been forcibly rebuked.

The Divine Feminine has been marginalized and violated.
The Divine Feminine is in pain. She’s also pretty furious.

She was rebuked and called a fantasy. Her devotees tricked into abandoning and eventually forgetting about her. She’s been shut up and denounced. She’s been trampled and abused. She’s been raped and murdered over and over and over and over again.

All of this is rising in us right along with the pleasant aspects of the Divine Feminine. This return is not all pretty flowers & dancing, frolicking & nurturance. I know this is how we want it to be, but that is not the whole of who She is. She is a very huge planetary consciousness and it’s pretty apparent to us empaths and psychics that She feels as well.

You know you’re here to embody the Goddess. You already ARE an embodiment of the Goddess. You remember deep down all the time you’ve already spent as a vessel for Her to work through. This has happened many times in the past and will continue to happen as long as there are human vessels to embody. So, if we do this, if we are to be the vessels of Her return to her rightful place upon the face of the earth, we shall be embodying ALL of Her.

Planetary consciousness is just as dynamic as our own.

Multi-faceted expressions of divine consciousness. We are going to be embodying ALL of Her. This includes all of the pain, anguish, and rage She has for having been gagged and bound these long eras of time, rejected and demonized by the dominant culture of the planet.

You feel it rising in you now as you read this I’m sure. You feel it down to your core.

Only in this strange patriarchal society which tries to squash any power the Divine Feminine has is the Goddess relegated to only good and nurturing roles, feelings and actions. This leaves out so much of what She is!!

The Goddess is not all love and light my dear.

You’ve read the stories and the mythos haven’t you? Gods and Goddesses become infuriated when they are crossed. And has She ever been crossed! It’s our place now, as her vessels, to not take all the things personally. This confuses us to no end as we try to make sense of what is rising within us and apply it to our personal lives.

You know why we are here. We are here to channel this rising. This time we really need to do it in a way that does not continue the pattern of crossing and harm as has happened in the past. Yes, we have righteous anger. We have justification for feeling pain and loneliness. But you’ve been taught how to transmute it for the highest good of all. You know how to do the things.

Do not further repress this planetary angst. Allow it to rise.

Feel every last drop of emotion that comes to the surface. Let it come out into your aura. Be witness to the things your Mother is feeling. YOU are feeling. Hold space for it. Validate it. Let there be a fullness to it. Kali Ma’s destructive forces will make quick work of it. Transmuting crappy DNA code is no easy task. Fleeing from the intensity of Her will do us no good.

We must burn ourselves completely to the ground in order to rise as Phoenixes from the ashes.

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