The Magick In Your Hands Pt 1

You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve read about it in the books. Magicians and witches shooting light from their fingers, or drawing symbols upon things which would then alight with magic. If only it were real right? How much fun it would be! Well, I’m gonna say that it IS real. Just not so technicolor as in the movies or our imaginations.

My story begins in my mid-twenties with a book written by a Shaolin Master divulging “secrets of the Tao” which he felt the world needed to know. The new age was dawning, humans were waking up, and he was sharing for the betterment of humanity. I gobbled that shit up. After practicing a LOT of subtle energy cultivation techniques, walking meditations, anger calming techniques and the like I finally got to the part about making magic symbols and talismans. What was this sorcery? This was something I could really do if I practiced? Master Ni said so, all of the other techniques were doing their job, so I went with it!

Here’s a link to the relevant material: Workbook for Spiritual Development of All People

In this book Master Ni describes how to draw a Bagua as a protection symbol. One which basically would clear negative energy from a space and bring in positive energy. He describes how through subtle energy cultivation and singularity of intent one can channel the energy into drawn symbols that can hold a charge indefinitely and affect the space around us.

I was fascinated with this concept. I had not come across any other books which talked about any of this type of stuff and seeing as how I was living in a creepy sorta house I was eager to try it out. With great mindfulness I pulled out a sheet of paper and began drawing. I was as single-minded as I could possibly be in order to keep the energy I was channeling from my body through the pencil and onto the paper. I drew slow and with great intent.

Did it work? Yeah, it totally worked. I could feel the energy radiating off of it. To give it a test, I placed the drawing upon the one bad spot in the house from where the creepies radiated. It wasn’t a terrible spot in the house, just a sort of dark impression on a wall where something obviously went down. Over the course of a few days I could feel the energy clear up and the drawing still held a charge. I went from fascinated with the concept to convinced of it’s reality and effectiveness.

Fast-forward a year. I got a job as overnight staff for a group home for young felonious girls in treatment. The house was old as fuck. It was built in the 1930’s and had oogies crawling all over it. One day I might share the entirety of my experiences at this house in it’s own post. But right now, finger painting! My main duty at this job was to do rounds every 15 minutes to make sure the girls were all sleeping and not awol or up to no good. I was the weekend staff.

That first weekend I realized I had to do something or I would definitely not be able to keep this job. I was given a flashlight to use as I did my bed-check rounds. There were 15 girls to check on in four different bedrooms in two wings of the house. It was a huge house and the hallway I had to traverse to get to the two back bedrooms was creepy as fuck. I think I did two hours of rounds before I was so disturbed I decided I had to pull out another trick from Master Ni’s book. I didn’t think my supervisors were going to like me pinning Taoist symbols all over the back hallway. So I decided to try drawing the yin yang symbol alone in the air.

Beginning at the top of the yin yang, draw the “S” and without stopping, continue from the end of the “S” and finish the outer circle up, closing it at the bottom.

I had to paint these things about every 10 feet along my way to the back bedrooms or I would get way too freaked out. I hadn’t really kept up on daily subtle energy cultivation and they would fade about halfway through the night and I would have to draw them again. Even so, I was still amazed that they even worked.

For some reason working with these energetic symbols got moved to the back burner. Probably because I  didn’t want to use someone else’s magic. Much of what I found was really complicated in the draw and I felt that those were more so personal sigils. I never came across any truly basic or ancient forms to use.  I forgot all about them excepting the fact that I knew light energy came out of my fingers. People could feel it emanating from my paintings. I could cast circles with my fingers instead of having to use an athame or other “magical” object. My fingers were the magic. Of course I could use a tool in my hand which the energy could travel through, a stick or paintbrush, but it wasn’t entirely necessary, and it never dawned on me that fashioning a wand out of a certain type of wood or whatnot would in turn pick up the energetic medicine of it while traveling out my hand and through it.

Fast-forward again to just this year. Instead of studying and memorizing this thing and that thing which is of another’s personal magical repertoire I have been working on taking cues from my own inner guidance in the moment and acting on them. Here comes the story; I was in a sort of emergency situation extracting an individual from a house with a major presence in it. Being more than a bit ticked off at the situation and full of adrenaline, I wanted to make sure that this thing did not follow us out of the house and I had no idea what needed to be done to make that happen. I knew I needed to do something though.

As I came out the front door I had the feeling to go into the yard and as I walked I began to look at the ground, thinking to myself, “what to do? what to do?”  That’s when I saw the stick and snatched it up. I thought to draw something on the ground in the bare spots of the scraggly lawn. What was I going to draw? I had no idea. I didn’t even pause in my movement from picking up the stick to finding the dirt spots while centering myself enough to get insight as to what to draw on the ground there. It all happened so fast. For a half a second I had a thought about witches marks, but those weren’t exactly it. I put the stick to the ground and scratched a horizontal line into the ground which I crossed at an angle with two lines. There it was! I drew a second one a little ways away just to make sure.

I really had no idea if that was going to work. I felt it was, but logically I couldn’t discern either way. A few days later It appeared to me it had, but I needed some sort of confirmation. I searched and searched online. Nothing looked similar. I even used an online drawing program to image search Google to no avail. Finally I contacted an intuitive witch friend and sent her the image to see if she had seen it before and knew what it might be. I didn’t tell her what had happened. She took a little while to respond. When she did respond I was blown away. No, she had never seen it before, but it felt to her to be a powerful binding symbol. As if to stop a spirit that was on a path.

The only reasons I didn’t use my finger to draw the symbols were; 1) I didn’t want to scratch my fingers up on the scraggly grass dirt. And 2) I didn’t think I’d be able to make solid lines while saving my fingers from said scraggly grass dirt scratches. I could totally feel the intent present itself very powerfully through the stick and upon the ground.

Before I finish this article up I want to share a story I was told by a serendipitous meeting with a stranger I never spoke with again. To start off, I have found, these sorts of seemingly random yet synchronistic meetings are mini lessons. Important information the powers that be, or universe, or high self, feel I really need to know. (I don’t like calling the maligned elite “the powers that be” as I certainly do not desire them to remain in power.)

This guy’s story starts with him telling me how he is super intrigued with super creepy shit. He tells me of how he’s heard of a particular Japanese internment camp from WW2 that’s haunted down in the south somewhere that’s been abandoned and you can just creep into the place. He planned on a Halloween adventure for fun cause well, he’s into that sort of shiznit. When he got there he noticed all sorts of graffiti everywhere. Lower vibration sort of angry neo-nazi skinhead type stuff. He took note of the angry energy and as he moved deeper into the dilapidated structure it was obvious to him the place was crawling with very vengeful spirits. It was so intense, he said, that he was getting rocks thrown at him by the spirits that resided there.

Fast-forward another year in his story and he has acquired a new girlfriend who doesn’t believe any of this story. She doesn’t believe in ghosts or disembodied entities of any kind. He convinces her to go back to this place with him to check it out as he, of course, wants to convince her that what he experienced was indeed real. When they arrived he said there was something very different feeling about the place. It was calm. The ugly hate filled graffiti had been overwritten by another graffiti artist with Aum (Om) symbols (the fundamental sound of the universe) and the name of Krishna (the Christed heart centered consciousness) written in Sanskrit (the Mother of all languages). After traversing the whole place, he said, there was not a single spirit left lurking. It was clean and clear as a bell. Needless to say he was very disappointed that he could not prove to his new girl that those spirits did indeed exist, but he was even more excited by learning how to negate such disturbances in the force.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the magic in your hands. I have other stories to share about this aspect of our magical beings. Stay tuned for more parts!