Dilating the Pupil of Awareness Pt 1 – The Darkness & Hecate

Be still in the darkness. This teaches receptiveness to universal guidance. How to move in flow w/ high consciousness. If you’re quiet inside, you’ll be able to hear, see, know, feel. Then you know what moves to make, when, how. In the moment. Even in total darkness.

I utilize this practice as a painter, a mother, a friend, an intuitive counselor, a healer and energy worker.

We are more than what we have been led to believe. We are so much more deep, rich, fertile, aware, conscious than we have allowed ourselves to be.

Sometimes when I’m really quiet and deep inside I think I can see my soul. I’m fiery and alive with a magick my conscious mind knows nothing about. I could read all the books and question all the masters and still not be as intelligent or knowledgeable as this thing which speaks to me when I’m still, in the dark, in full receptivity.

I haven’t always been this way, and in no way do I have total mastery over this skill quite yet. I have self-doubt, universal doubt. Sometimes the reflections closest to me trigger my conditioning, the patterns ingrained in my psyche from my childhood and my traumas. Sometimes those get the best of me and my mind is overactive. It races and worries, loops and laments.

It’s in those times that my practice is key. Practicing the meditations, the techniques, the daily work of bestilling my heart and mind. Coming back into center and grounding myself yet again in the core of my essence where there are no words or racing thoughts. No worries and no doubts. Just me in the dark. Dilating the pupil of my awareness. Receptive to any light forms which my soul may paint upon the canvas of my being.

This is Hecate. There’s a lot of symbology in this depiction of her. There’s the triple mastery and the pyramid on her head connecting her to the higher realms through the crescent. She is veiled in mystery with a serpent round her waist. Her athames pointed in both directions of heaven and earth. The torches she holds show she is a light bearer. She restrains her sacred dogs with ease, representing her mastery over her lower aspects, they serve her even. A powerful and sovereign virgin goddess (unwilling to sacrifice independence for marriage), she is a goddess of the underworld and can see in all directions without obstruction or limits.

It’s in the darkness I find her. In the ancient parts of my being, my brain, my body, the ancestral knowledge reaching back throughout creation. She is an archetype emblazoned on the human psyche. She is in you and in me. Waiting in the darkness of our personal underworlds for us to call upon her essence.

This is the only real reason some of us might become a devotee to a certain god or goddess or this or that. In order to integrate the archetypal representation, or aspect, into our living and conscious beings. As we become aware of that which is lying dormant within our consciousness we awaken the magick. The holo-fractal reality we are experiencing will reflect and play with us. Are we still enough to notice? Are we open enough to receive? Stillness and receptivity are aspects of the void, the darkness, the mother of all yin. When we give our very presence unto the void, dilating our pupils in the darkness, we see things we never could have conceived of with our mundane minds nor mortal eyes.