A Sacred Seed has Been Planted

In the week previous to this weekend’s “black” new moon I was messaging with a sister in Spain about the unraveling of her own preconceptions about reality and how things were unfolding as her conscious awareness grew and expanded. In our conversation she mentioned how she received a message through a very balanced and open channel of a lovely girl.The message: Stop invoking Kali, invoke Venus.

I was taken aback for a moment, wondering why I was taken aback. Then it sank in.

The richer meaning behind those words being much more deep than may appear we may miss it in our shedding of the old skin; the killing off of old patterns, thought-forms, constructs of ego, and so on. Sometimes we concentrate so much so on the destruction of ourselves for well meaning intent. But you know, something my mom would say from time to time, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Really, let that sink in.

Stop invoking destruction and death.
Invoke love and beauty.

Sounds a little different now doesn’t it? We are powerful reality creators. When we focus our intent, as individuals as well as collectively, this holo-fractal reality matrix will re-shape itself to experience that which we focus our constant attention on. Truth.

Stop invoking the destruction of those we disagree with, those we righteously believe are in the wrong and should be hated and maligned and judged. Just stop it. There must be a balance in the force right?

Instead invoke love and beauty to become manifest within ourselves and those around us. Now it is time to reconnect ourselves with the white rose, Aphrodite; Venus. So do it. Now. For the love of humanity and our gracious Mother Earth.

My friend also mentioned that after she received this message and began attuning herself to this archetype she could smell strawberries and flowers, the sensation was pink, and it made her feel super comfy and splendid. Later in the evening I pondered on this goddess I had never given much thought to; Aphrodite/Venus. In my childhood, the supreme goddess of love was dressed as the Holy Mother – complete with blue robe, star charts and sacred roses she was known for showing or giving as a sign of her presence. I remember feeling her presence when I was still.

In that moment I reached out to her, or maybe a better way to say was that I turned toward her. She was right there, it was only my attention that had been away. My experience of soul level recognition was high – Her presence tangible. I only remained in Her presence for a minute or so, but I can say for sure, She is an exceptionally divine white rose of a goddess. My childhood Holy Mother was indeed this secret, never mentioned Goddess of the Rose.

Yeah, I realized, it’s time to invoke love. Love awakening in my heart. Love truly awakening and taking over the hearts of humanity. That has always been her message. One of love, peace and beauty. Kali and the Morrighan have had enough time to tear asunder the parts of us which need to die. We’ve spent the last couple of years learning to integrate the Dark Mother. No longer are we small shoots pushing up against the dirt, we are emerging into a greater awareness now, as we do every cycle. It’s now time to become those blossoming flowers we so desperately want to be, have been resisting, and are now insisting grow as nature intended.

Invoke Love.