The Three Faces of Self – Full Moon Contact Oct 2016 – by Ananda Divine

Special guest posting by my friend, sister and mentor in the craft.
Originally posted on October 17, 2016 by Ananda Divine

The Three Faces of Self

And as the sacred hemlock sank between my teeth, numbing my gums, my throat, and evermore my consciousness, I allowed self to slip between the veil, into the watery womb of Her who is the keeper of all that is wholly.

I intend that this Full Moon illuminates your desires for the month. I intend that your manifestations blossom fully in the energy of Aries and that you are moved to let the warrior archetype within be expressed in a way that is healthy and in a way that your passions are fashioned with patience and amicability to those who work along side you to fulfill your wantings.

I wish to discuss the shadow which may be lurking in the background of the illumination of the Aries Self. Have you ‘reckon I’zed’ the darkness that dwells in the recesses of the consciousness? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you know why? I had the privilege of attending a Full Moon drum circle. I posted a vid on Instagram. It was a beautiful precursor to the ceremony which followed. My sister opened her gorgeous space and gratefulness poured steadily from the well of my heart.

Hecate has been whispering in my ear for about two months. She has given me several signs that she has been wanting to have a word with me, and others as well. I’m not going to bore you with information regarding the Queen of the Crossroads. The one who will guide you through the darkness of you call to Her. You have to face the darkness one day. Who other than the One with three faces to be your personal guide. I will say that when you find yourself in her presence, there is no escaping. I also want to note that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and the archetypal representation of the Warrior is likened to that of Hekate. And so I present to you my vision of activation…..

Deviant Artist: hrefngast - HEKATE (Hecate)

“For whom do you say I am child? “
I shot straight up from my comfortable lounging position, scanning the room as they slowly adjusted themselves to the darkness that surrounded me. I put my feelers out and discovered that although I sensed that I was not alone, instincts led me to the understanding that what was felt was not in this room.

“Will you deny me an answer!?”
The screeching pierced my being on a cellular level: Why did I feel as though I were conversing with a peculiar familiarity?

This time the sound circled the crown of my head and I felt as though I was swirling from an opening there.

“Who am I?
“A part of myself you are.” I answered in sounds that I had no knowledge of possessing: Lips immobile I reoriented my self on a plane where I could be more at ease with interacting with the energetic signature.

“So, then why is it that you deny me? “
I could not hide on this plane. Therefore it was futile to communicate an untruth. “Because there is darkness that I know not” I answered.

The vibration of the chuckle that followed my answer was that of a raging storm; lapping at the spot what my ears would be, I cringed and the sound grew louder. A fire suddenly appeared around my form. Circling me, it held me captive and I struggled not. My head was then pulled upward as an invisible force beckoned my lips to part. And as the sacred hemlock sank between my teeth, numbing my gums, my throat, and evermore my consciousness, I allowed self to slip between the veil, into the watery womb of Her who is the keeper of all that is wholly. And as this experience engulfed the personification that was me, a vision overtook my senses simultaneously:

I walked though a fire that was a mixture of a blue unlike no other that I have ever seen. The tips of the flames were that of golden tongues; and they seduced me to come closer. I felt no heat yet knew that I would be consumed. I floated closer and could clearly see that I was going under a pyre. On top, I saw my form lying there. Lying there and the ashes of me flying away as leaves upon the wind. Mind you, I am still aware of being in Her womb!

Unable to fully comprehend logically the significance, I succumbed to the rationality of what my soul conveyed. As my form continued floating through the flames, I noticed that on the other side that there was a funnel forming out of the embryonic fluids of Her womb: The memories of pre-conceivement mingled with the programming received as an embryo was present, and the state of I AM was there; in the depths of the darkness that was in the beginning…. Before the consciousness of that which is called light.

My former form left behind, I was born anew, in the wholeness of that which I always were. Marveling at the lightness of the I AM state, the awareness of the weight that was lifted allowed the language of light to be decoded: and I heard other doors being unlocked.

“My beloved child, whom do you say that I am? “

Like a wave gently touching the sands of the shore, the sound calmed the blood that I now felt coursing through my veins: The water that my life force is comprised of tingled with a vigor that was exhilarating.

With conviction, even though I knew that I was back in my physical form, I communicated in the codex format:

“I am the darkness that dwells within all things, for within that darkness there is life. I am you, as you are within me and always a part of me. The spark that exists in the center of the darkness, that is you, and it is the point which connects me to you. It is your essence. The essence of my spirit.”


Everything is birthed from the darkness. Every thought, every creation. And it is as it was. In the knowledge passed on from the Ancient Keepers of Knowledge, we are connected to the knowing of our beginning. And through the alchemical process that occurs and is hidden in the darkness of our subconscious, the language to gain access is found within the codes; there are many, and the key is discovered at the time of your activation.

~Ananda Divine ~

Keys have always found their way into my life. In the most interesting ways, parts of my knowing is unlocked. And “given” to me by those who are the Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge.