The Quickening of 2017 – Imbolc Synchro-Mysticism

Spontaneous rituals. Natural rhythms. Subconscious synchro-mystic sabbatic rituals of love making. Sundown today begins the sabbat Imbolc.

Being in the moment is magical. Opening perception and deepening dimension of being bring on such sweet serendipidous moments. I quite enjoy palpable states of synchro-mysticism.

IMBOLC: The time of the quickening of the seed of life.  In the same spirit in which the sun is being reborn, Imbolc is considered a natural time for initiations, purifications, moving on from the past, and reflecting on oneself and one’s bigger role in the world.

30 years ago I was asked if I was ready for the mission I came here to do. I didn’t understand and flat out refused. I was skeptical of my own visions you see. So after 30 years of diligent observation and research, today I am finally ready to consciously pick up that mantle and wear it the way She meant it way back when I was 13.

The quickening is now. This season. This day is about quickening the life force of our intentions and desires.

In regards to yearly rituals; I haven’t been keeping track of more than the solstices and occasional equinox and of course All Hallows Eve/Samhain. For other sabbats of varying philosophy and tradition, I allow spirit to guide who and what I am doing by simply surrendering to the now. Whatever is happening now. And what’s happening now is so super magical. I want to lick it all up and savor every flavor.

This past autumn/winter was incredibly transformational from my window seat. New moon last October I became part of a triumvirate. A coven of three. Each of us representative of and vassel to an aspect of the Triple Goddess. During our meditations a new intention was offered me in the form of a key. I now intend to wield this key and unlock every single door.

So here I am this evening. Not really having it dawn on me that after sundown begins Imbolc. I was groovin hard to a song that emotionally grabs me. I was feeling all the feels that song invokes in my being. It happened to be Take Me To Church by Hozier. Then my husband asks if he can play a song. I almost resist but, being sensitive to the moment, I acquiesce and allow myself to sink into his song choices.

That man. He took me to church alright. Right there in my heart and mind and soul. He chose equally emotional riveting love songs that blew me away. Like, he SERENADED me in my own living room, without intending, just being himself. Songs by Jason Mraz: I’m Yours, Beautiful Mess, I Won’t Give Up.

After all the puddles of my affection oozed out my emotion pores into the room I decided I was going to get to the business of what I had planned to do this Imbolc.

Not anything I consciously ritualized. Just doin’ my hair.

Backstory: Almost two weeks ago I removed all my autumn/winter decoration out of my dread locks and did maintenance. I have an event to go to this weekend and am definitely vain enough to need to have my hair all done by then.

We are talking 50+ dreads here, so dread decoration was the plan. In fact, I was supposed to start doing it yesterday, or by this morning. But that didn’t happen. Oh no. I didn’t get to start on my hair today until after the serenade. It just hadn’t felt right, and mom errands cropped up out of nowhere for me to take care of.

This is where going with the flow and synchronicity begins, in the shuffle you see. I had to accept over and over again that my conscious plans kept being pushed back and it was OK. Even taking the time to listen to the music my husband wanted to spontaneously share with me that evening was synchronistic. That serenade was prepping me. Prepping me to be resonating a very vibrant and passionate love state.

I didn’t realize it until it dawned on me all at once as I began weaving decorations into my hair and I unconsciously began doing what I always do when I weave new decoration in my hair. I pray. I pray over each cross of yarn braided into my hair. I weave and knot affirmations and mantras into every single lock. Spinning my spells into my subconscious. Pouring that love state generated by my dear husband into my prayers for humanity and the return to balance of Ma Gaia.

What a precious gift he gives to me. Lighting the fire of my cauldron to burn for love.

I’m still amazed at the synchronicity. Not once in all the moments leading up to this evening did I realize the significance of it being sundown on Imbolc and the fact that when I put new decoration in my hair I pray. Nor the fact that my chosen consort magically know just when I need my fire lit the most and how to light me up good.

Be Blessed,