Ten Months Later

It’s been ten months since I’ve written here.

It’s been eight months since I gathered five of my fellow Jedis to attend a very unique ceremony. That day changed everything. We were exorcised. Purged of an implanted programming. Then we were taken up to the primordial sea where we located our star seeds, our original soul “seed” as a geometry, before physical manifestation. We merged with it, and then came all the way back down to ground it into our physical being.

That was a powerful experience for me. I was free. My eyes had been opened. I had recovered my power and become aware. I remembered who I really was and why I’m here. Even all the while I knew I would forget a bit and would have to muck through re-patterning the actual physical mass that was built upon my new etheric grid structure. Conscious mastery in a body is not that easy at this time. The black seed of fear is thick within the collective. The forgetting is deep seated and matter moves slower than any one of us would really like.

I had to go hide to make it through the transformation intended in my last blog post here. It was dark. It was intense. I kept getting perfectly rational advice from outside of myself regarding what I must do to shed, end, nix, ax a certain aspect of my life. Cut a major cord. I believed they were right, but not in the application. Oh no. I believed it was the underlying energy which needed to be cut out, ended relation with, nixed, axed, shed. The way normal humans perceive the world is so very bi-polar. Black and white. Cut and dry. The ultimate judgments of perception without seeing how the grid is fashioned underneath. They don’t really seem to know how to wield the force in etheral rather than applying the force to mundane matter because really, when you affect the etheric, matter reforms atop of the new configuration.

So then the wobble commences. The wobble of consciousness that occurs when you are as a discus about to be flung high and far. Spinning, wobbling, seemingly out of control, in chaos, but that’s the sort of situation I work best in. Assembling order out of chaos, applying daily practice. Calling my power back unto myself from a million shattered bits I left strewn across time and space. I learned so much about self mastery navigating the incessant back and forth between the polarities of the typical human bi-polar consciousness. Once the discus was released into the sky I finally understood.

All is not as it seems. Not even what many gifted, intelligent and spiritual people seem to believe it is. Consciousness is much more dynamic than the collective has accepted.

Ten months later I am here to share what I have discovered.