Rainbow Warriors

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow." -- Old Native American Prophecy

This is a personal rumination
from a mixed heritage white North American
metaphysician, witch, priestess, wise woman.
Most of us here have no roots.
So we must grow wings.

Our homelands are long gone.
Uprooted from our native habitats.
Whether by immigration
or displacement
or just life.

We rarely got to hear the stories.
We were not given instruction on our essence.
The archetypes of our ancestors lost.

Some of it was left behind.
Some of it was stolen.
Most of it forgotten.
Until we go looking
for our hearts.

We are a mixed lot.
Mixed race.
Mixed identity.
All mixed up from the inside out.
Or was that from the outside in?

Many of us are so mixed up.
Genetic memory from 5+ cultures.
Conscious knowledge zero.
Born into a kind of mental slavery
which wishes us to forget who we really are.

And who are we?
we are the new human.
Integrating and weaving together
all the lost bits of us.

We hear the call of our hearts
and go on our spirit quests.
But for us
there are no teachers
or guides.

If we are lucky
we get instruction in one of our bloodlines.
And maybe then another.
But the rest is across the sea
or teachers are embittered by our very existence.

Our hearts yearn to know home.
But for us
there is no home.
We are from all quarters of the earth.
Our genetic memory sings songs of many lands.

Who are we?
What is our heritage
as we are mixed into this "melting pot"?
Slow cooked is always best, you know.
Draws out the flavor.

This dish hasn't been cooked before.
It's still simmering.
Nice and slow.
And while the many flavors are mingling
We are remembering our roots.

We are following our hearts.
We are digging deep into uncharted waters.
Where no humans have seemed to go before.
Mixing and mingling.
We are going to remember who we are.

With so many ancestors
from so many lands
whispering their wisdom
into all of our hearts,
Who else could we be?

Synthesizing all the factions.
Understanding that it is
in every culture,
in every myth.

Humans living in geographic isolation
for countless generations
create a unique culture.
Cultural crossover was highly dependent
on accessibility.

Today we have the internet.
We have jet airplanes
and social media.
We have every single tome in existence
at our very fingertips.

And we are all mixed up.
Not just black, or brown, or white.
Not just yellow, or red, or some
unique geographic expression of any one of these.
We are mixing even more and more as I type.

Every culture has a frequency.
Every culture has archetypes
colored with the flavor of it's unique geography.
What happens when cultures blend
and the songs of so many differing ancestors sing at once?

Think about it.
What happens when
the wisdom of all the ancestors
and all the archetypes from around the globe
are harmonized and singing in one body?

Think about it again.
Let that marinate.
Nice and slow.

We shall follow our hearts through the cacophony
of a billion ancestral voices of varying origin
with varying instructions and varying customs.

We shall follow our hearts to the center of all that is
and discover that we are but one people with one spirit.

We shall mend the traumas of long past where there is dissonance
tween what one line of forefathers have done
and what another line of forefathers had to receive.
Grandmothers too.

We are alchemizing and harmonizing.
Stitching together a new fabric
unlike any that has been seen before.
Weaving together the frequencies
of all the cultures coursing through our veins.

We are the Rainbow Warriors.
Harmonizing humanity.
Sending resounding shock waves throughout the
entirety of all the bits of DNA we carry,
to all the cultures with whom we share it with.

Aho, Namaste, Blessed Be,
Em Hotep, Aloha, 93.