My New Year Cut & Clear ~ Candle Magic

I’d like to share my New Year cut and clear with you. The energy is quite intense and much alchemization has been happening within the collective. Lots of blockages clearing, but as it is, the energy of the blocks must move through the energy body on it’s way to transmutation. Many of us are having very challenging times. I’ve been watching. Ever since the eclipse last August I have been cutting away at energetic cords, emotional cords, physical cords, all of the cords, but I was still stuck in the same old loop. It was spiraling round faster and faster so I knew it was going to be time to leap in a minute. A hot minute. So I started my new year with some hoodoo.

In December I purchased some Cut & Clear oil from Art of the Root and used the spell outlined on the product link. I skipped the Psalm, but understand the root of the message of it and when it came time for the Psalm I simply conjured the sensation of natural forces smiting all the things I wanted released and destroyed. I followed all of the rest of the instructions precisely. I placed every ounce of  emotion into the lists and my intent.

While getting the candles to sit upright in the tea light tins I had a hard time with the black one. Maybe a foretelling of how the work was to manifest, maybe unconscious nerves regarding letting go fully. I never got it quite as straight as the white candle, even after a second try. As I sat with the candles the black candle flickered and bounced with every breathe while the white looked unbelievably steady and un-moving.

I continued to sit with the candles, feeling the energy of it move through different circuits, or layers, of my being. The black candle soon formed a drip at the back and began spilling slowly. The two mountains that formed between them seem to signify some blockages in those areas. That poor candle worked so hard. Flicked with every single breath while that white one was just steady as steady can be.

The spell manifested pretty quickly too. Much quicker than I expected. I assume there is still a long haul, as the working of the black candle suggest more work is involved, but let me tell you something. When I do candle spells, I actually feel the candle burn through my body. This one didn’t go from top to bottom or bottom to top, but was on different vertical layering of moving through my energy body.  Then last week while everyone else was having extremely vivid dreams I was weighted in a heavy dreamless darkness doing my best to breathe and move through wave after wave of darkened thoughts and emotions that I did my best to not associate with, but rather, allow to pass.

Over the weekend I’ve become much clearer and lighter. It was as if a wellspring of energy and good feelings now had room to rise up within to spill out into physical. I giggled and laughed so hard. I made plans and put even more energy and intent into manifesting my visions. Shit got done and it was a great feeling to get it all done. I have not gone back into that depressing loop one time since New Year. I’ve constructed mad comfy boundaries and retained much more energy in the process. I am impressed.