What Your House Dream is Telling You.

Let’s talk a little about house dreams.

If you haven’t studied dream work at all you probably need to know that your dreams are messages from your subconscious self to your conscious self. You probably also need to know that house dreams in particular are about yourself, your body and your inner temple; that which is working from inside of you, rather than outside of you.

When one dreams of a house it’s important to take note of a few things.

  • Is it dark or light?
  • Which floor are you on?
  • Is it messy or tidy?
  • Is there an area of the house you avoid?

These are all indications of where you are energetically regardless of outer appearances or what you may or may not be in denial of. These clues will tell a lot about your inner landscape and where you should begin your work.

Is it dark or light out in the dream?

Regardless of timekeeping in your dreams whether it’s dark or light is wholly dependent upon your own state of being regarding the topic being dreamed about.

Which level are you on?

The house represents you, the temple of awareness/consciousness. The basement would of course represent the lower levels of our temples. The attic represents the higher levels of our temples. Everything in between are the various different rooms of our inner sanctum, ourselves.

Is it a total wreck or is everything tidy?

This is the most direct and to the point metaphor regarding all the details of a house dream. If it’s a wreck, you’re a wreck, get moving with tending yourself and clean up! Does it get messier or cleaner as you move through the various levels of the house? Which areas are tidier than others? These are vital clues. There’s a whole science devoted to the interpretation of various imagery in the collective dream-scape. Metaphors are more exacting than one usually wants to accept.

Is there an area of the house you don’t like and avoid?

I used to have these super scary house dreams that evolved over years and years. They were never my own house, usually a random walk by I was drawn into or a relative’s house I was welcome in. There would be two duplicate yet separate mirror reflections of this house. One side was light and normal feeling. The other side was darker and contained an unseen presence that scared me to death as over time experiencing the evolution of this dream I began to notice and remember what would happen if I got close enough to this presence to face it and I would always end up paralyzed in fear. It took many years of consistent work at uncovering what was hiding with myself which was causing this dream experience. There were many tests of confrontation with whatever this invisible paralyzing agent was, finally climaxing as the dream I share in my post, Quarantined for Reprogramming. That post details my final confrontation with what I kept meeting in all those house dreams.

Recently I saw a question posted online about a meeting with a HGA/higher/deity in dreamtime. The poster met with a swampy, dreaded and bedraggled Hecate in the basement and was seeking insight on the dream. My advice was to start cleaning up the basement areas of their psyche and keep on top of the cleaning in physical too. Hecate requires a clean space for potent alchemical workings, both inside and out. The architecture and state of the house are telling signs, and often literal metaphors, of the state and quality of your own inner landscape.

I once had a dream of being in the attic at the tippy top of this random house dream, but it was more like a chapel in a tower than the attic. I was veiled in white and cleaning. Stained glass windows, pews for reverent communion and reflection, and there was even a tabernacle which I was tending which housed the I AM presence. (Obviously my Catholic background influences the symbology I identify with deeply. Whatever works to get the point across in my mind.) It was a beautiful dream that confirmed for me that I was doing my work and tending my sanctuary, keeping clear the higher areas of my energetic being. The apparent time of day was twilight, which is a special kind of symbolic message as twilight is when the two worlds of day and night meet in transition. A doorway to other realms. Twilight is the time of day my second sight, insight, and divination is most powerful. It was a sweet confirmation that I was on track with my workings.

So that’s my bit of advice in regards to interpreting certain aspects of your dreams, house dreams in particular. Don’t ignore the messages. Your house is your temple and your body is your house, physical, emotional, mental and (all is) energetic. Don’t forget to make sure you are tending your Interior Castle… Which is the name of an excellent book which some of you may find very helpful in navigating your consciousness; Interior Castles, by St. Theresa of Avila. She had some serious seer and ascension skills and she wrote all about it. Might want to read up if you feel so called.

Love you all! Brightest of blessings.

Mama Sun