Greetings Jedis, I am Mama Sun, and I Welcome You to the Twisted Labyrinth.

Our consciousness is shifting. Expanding. Encompassing more dimensions.  Or maybe, a harmonic resonance based on galactic as well as local astrology tones are setting the stage for a new expanded portal of perception. More likely, it is our manifested senses which are becoming sharper and broader in dimensional perception. Evolving and expanding to penetrate the unseen. Either way, alchemy is involved and magical metaphors are real.

Allow me to share my insight into this alchemical process which combines metaphysics, witchcraft, trance and meditation.

Let me start off by saying I believe personal sovereignty and cultivation of our higher nature is of the utmost importance, superseding any “ism” or sect you can think of. We emanate through everything we do. Art facilitates growth and transformation in my life. It's been a direct reflection of what is going on with me and my process.

Veiled knowledge/emanations camouflaged as synchronicity and symbolism.

Some of my interests include metaphysics, psychedelic spirituality, witchcraft, energy work, painting, crystals, jewelry making, parenting, gardening, hiking and dancing. I’ve studied cosmology, neurosciences, esoteric & philosophical traditions from all corners of the Earth, natural & organic health and well-being, as well as anthropological (natural, gentle, conscious, attachment) parenting.

I’m attracted to indigenous and psychedelic art from around the world. In 2004 I took up psycho-spiritual painting. Psychedelic trance music stole my heart in 2005 and I immediately began painting for the black light. My painting inspiration comes from psychic, psychedelic and subconscious symbology. All tapestry work to this day is hand painted one brush stroke at a time, although I do see an air brush in my future. I also paint with non-UV acrylics on canvas. Body painting is another aspect of my art.

When my youngest child went toddler on me I had to find an artistic outlet which wouldn’t involve preschool paint sessions every time I wanted to get crafty. Being a lover of crystals and all things pretty I eventually discovered the art of wire wrapping. In 2010 I bought my first parcel of wrapping crystals and wire with which to wrap them. I later found that reiki would just pour into the custom work I was creating and couldn’t stop it If I tried.

Friends dubbed this aspect of my energy work Sun Mama Prana.

Metaphysics, active & passive Magick and a holistic approach to life are my passions. Born to research, I continue educating myself in a variety of manners; books, articles and personal one-on-one training. I use these as guideposts in mapping out my own reality matrix based on personal psychic, observational and psychedelic experience. Synchronicity often leads to various well-practiced teachers who share their knowledge and otherwise assist on my journey toward self-actualization. I’ve legit practiced all the things Universe has placed before me ever since I can remember. Not very well the entire time, mind you, but it's called a practice for a reason right?

I am here to serve our conscious awakening.
Thank you for taking your power,

May I master the movement of my consciousness through the twisted labyrinth of infinity. May my doings be blessed and my blessings be done.


 Painter & Jewelry Artisan
Energetic Crisis Counselor & Initiation Doula
Metaphysical Consultant & Meditation Guide

Sacred Space Creator, Witch & Energy Worker

I do not necessarily deify the processes of nature in my mind so much as I recognize and take note of the underlying archetypal patterns made manifest in the human psyche and the interplay between the two. I do, however, recognize awareness and am reverent of the communion I experience within and around expression of that awareness. I stand in awe of continuous synchro mystic visions.

An archetype is a universal symbolic pattern. Examples of archetypal characters are the femme fatale, the trickster, the great mother and father, and the dying god. There are archetypal stories as well. Examples are stories of great floods, virgin births, creation, paradise, the underworld, and a final apocalypse.