Standing at the crossroads. With torch and key in hand. Meet the Wisdom of the Dark Mother.

Hecate's Wheel

According to fragmentary texts of the Chaldean Oracles, Hecate is connected to a maze which spiraled around like a serpent. This maze was known as the Stropholos of Hecate, or Hecate's Wheel, and refers to the power of knowledge and life. Traditionally, a Hecate-style labyrinth has a Y in the middle, rather than the typical X shape found at the center of most labyrinths.

And thus begins talk of serpents.

I meandered all over the place in my research into consciousness, the god/goddess / angelic / earth spirit archetypes, and the magical mutation of the holo-fractal reality matrix through highly intentional focus of attention.

I was taught organically by the Goddess herself as she lead me through the labyrinth of myself. No church, tradition or coven could have taught me what She has taught me. She manifested through many varied faces of the Feminine Divine Principle as she showed me her ways via synchronicity.

She permeates into every culture.

For me she manifested first as the Holy Mother, next as White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, then Quan Yin, Wedjet, Grandmother Spider, Sophia, Morrighan, and now as the Dark Mother of ALL, Hecate. Much has already been written about her and how to meet her at the crossroads within the spiraling serpentine Labyrinth. Potent metaphors are truly key.

Here you will find a few important stops along the path through the labyrinth outlined with symbolic interpretations, links and relevant content to cultivating relationship with the Great Mother, The Holy Trinity, The Creatrix at the center (and edge) of ALL.

As the most ancient of revered Mother Goddess archetypes, she is ruler of all three realms of the twisted serpentine labyrinths which issue forth from her existence. Ruler of the heavens, earth and underworld, not even Zeus challenges her authority over all when the Olympian Gods overtook all previous archetypal expressions.

So pure Yin is she that Dark Mother is the only appropriate descriptive title. But oh how bright the torch she carries to light the way! She carries the Yang, the light of her lover which then becomes the light of her children. As either yang or yin carriers. Oh what a wise portal is she! And there again is the spiral of three.

She is the Invincible Queen, the Great Mother of ALL. This Sovereign Goddess of Many Names issues from the dark abyss of her own consciousness and as light touches Her many faces you can see the expressions of the many personified Goddess deities we identify with at one time or another from Persephone to Freya, from Quan Yin to the Holy Mother. All forms of the Goddess issue from the deep abyss of her dark and potent presence.

Some of Hecate's other titles include...

Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of Witches, She Who Works From Afar, Lady of the Underworld, The Distant One.

A Dark Goddess expression of Wisdom, the Holy Spirit

Wisdom. The Holy Spirit. The Great Spirit. Goddess. The Great Goddess. The Triple (or Triune) Goddess. The Dark Mother. The Great Mother. Love. The Comforter. Compassion. These are only a few of the terms used by peoples of all nations to describe the most profound emanations of the Divine Feminine. Sometimes, these terms are used to identify Her generally. Frequently, they are selectively used to refer to specific aspects of Her manifold expression in Her relationship with the individual and the universe. When so used, such aspects are commonly anthropomorphised and regarded as particular Divine personae. Dark Mother ... refer[s] to the emanations, expressions and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the utmost depths of human consciousness and [spiritual/mental, astral/psychic and physical/material] experience, in accordance with the ... perspective of Wisdom.  — Excerpt from

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