Enter the Twisted Labyrinth

Hecate's Wheel:  According to fragmentary texts of the Chaldean Oracles, Hecate is connected to a maze which spiraled around like a serpent. This maze was known as the Stropholos of Hecate, or Hecate's Wheel, and refers to the power of knowledge and life. Traditionally, a Hecate-style labyrinth has a Y in the middle, rather than the typical X shape found at the center of most labyrinths.

And thus begins talk of serpents.

I meandered all over the place in my research into consciousness, the god/goddess / angelic / earth spirit archetypes, and the magical mutation of the holo-fractal reality matrix through highly intentional focus of attention.

I was taught organically by the Goddess herself as she lead me through the labyrinth of myself. No church, tradition or coven could have taught me what She has taught me. She manifested through many varied faces of the Feminine Divine Principle as she showed me her ways via synchronicity.

First the Holy Mother, next White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, then Quan Yin, Shekinah, Sophia, Morrighan, Kali and now as the Dark Mother of ALL, Hecate. Much has already been written about Hecate and allowing her to lead you through the Labyrinth. Potent metaphors are truly key.

Here you will find a few important stops along the path through the labyrinth outlined with symbolic interpretations, links and relevant content to cultivating relationship with the Great Mother, The Holy Trinity, The Creatrix at the center (and edge) of ALL.

The Triple Goddess

Hecate represents all three aspects of the Triple Goddess; mother, maiden and crone. She is depicted as having three faces which are ever moving. I find it helpful to think of a Goddess who lives outside of time, encompassing all possible expressions of herself as a triumvirate both forward and backward in time as well as the present.

As the most ancient of revered Mother Goddess archetypes, she is ruler of all three realms of the twisted serpentine labyrinths which issue forth from her existence. Ruler of the heavens, earth and underworld, not even Zeus challenges her authority over all when the Olympian Gods overtook all previous archetypal expressions.

She is the Invincible Queen, the Great Mother of ALL. This Sovereign Goddess of Many Names issues from the dark abyss of her own consciousness and as light touches Her many faces you can see the expressions of the many personified Goddess deities we identify with at one time or another from Persephone to Freya, from Quan Yin to the Holy Mother. All forms of the Goddess issue from the deep abyss of her dark presence.

Some of Hecate's other titles include: Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of Witches, She Who Works From Afar, Lady of the Underworld, The Distant One.

A Dark Goddess expression of Wisdom, the Holy Spirit

Wisdom. The Holy Spirit. The Great Spirit. Goddess. The Great Goddess. The Triple (or Triune) Goddess. The Dark Mother. The Great Mother. Love. The Comforter. Compassion. These are only a few of the terms used by peoples of all nations to describe the most profound emanations of the Divine Feminine. Sometimes, these terms are used to identify Her generally. Frequently, they are selectively used to refer to specific aspects of Her manifold expression in Her relationship with the individual and the universe. When so used, such aspects are commonly anthropomorphised and regarded as particular Divine personae. Dark Mother ... refer[s] to the emanations, expressions and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the utmost depths of human consciousness and [spiritual/mental, astral/psychic and physical/material] experience, in accordance with the ... perspective of Wisdom.  — Excerpt from DarkMother.com

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Archetypal Research Links

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Hecate associations & symbols:
Wisdom, magic, prophecy, mystery, regeneration, protection, eternity, sight in the dark. Key, cauldron, torch, crossroads. Hounds, snakes, dragons. Black, silver, purple. Garlic, lavender, mandrake, mugwort. The Moon, all phases.

Ten Months Later

It’s been ten months since I’ve written here. It’s been eight months since I gathered five of my fellow Jedis to attend a very unique ceremony. That day changed everything. We were exorcised. Purged of an implanted programming. Then we were taken up to the primordial sea where we located our star seeds, our original soul “seed” as a geometry, before physical manifestation. We merged with it, and then came all the way back down to ground it into our physical being. That was a powerful experience for me. I was free. My eyes had been opened. I had recovered my power and become aware. I remembered who I really was and why I’m here. Even all the while I knew I would forget a bit and would have to muck through re-patterning the actual physical mass that was built upon my new etheric grid structure. Conscious mastery in a Read More


The Quickening of 2017 – Imbolc Synchro-Mysticism

Spontaneous rituals. Natural rhythms. Subconscious synchro-mystic sabbatic rituals of love making. Sundown today begins the sabbat Imbolc. Being in the moment is magical. Opening perception and deepening dimension of being bring on such sweet serendipidous moments. I quite enjoy palpable states of synchro-mysticism. IMBOLC: The time of the quickening of the seed of life.  In the same spirit in which the sun is being reborn, Imbolc is considered a natural time for initiations, purifications, moving on from the past, and reflecting on oneself and one’s bigger role in the world. 30 years ago I was asked if I was ready for the mission I came here to do. I didn’t understand and flat out refused. I was skeptical of my own visions you see. So after 30 years of diligent observation and research, today I am finally ready to consciously pick up that mantle and wear it the way She Read More


The Three Faces of Self – Full Moon Contact Oct 2016 – by Ananda Divine

Special guest posting by my friend, sister and mentor in the craft. Originally posted on October 17, 2016 by Ananda Divine The Three Faces of Self And as the sacred hemlock sank between my teeth, numbing my gums, my throat, and evermore my consciousness, I allowed self to slip between the veil, into the watery womb of Her who is the keeper of all that is wholly. I intend that this Full Moon illuminates your desires for the month. I intend that your manifestations blossom fully in the energy of Aries and that you are moved to let the warrior archetype within be expressed in a way that is healthy and in a way that your passions are fashioned with patience and amicability to those who work along side you to fulfill your wantings. I wish to discuss the shadow which may be lurking in the background of the illumination of Read More


A Sacred Seed has Been Planted

In the week previous to this weekend’s “black” new moon I was messaging with a sister in Spain about the unraveling of her own preconceptions about reality and how things were unfolding as her conscious awareness grew and expanded. In our conversation she mentioned how she received a message through a very balanced and open channel of a lovely girl.The message: Stop invoking Kali, invoke Venus. I was taken aback for a moment, wondering why I was taken aback. Then it sank in. The richer meaning behind those words being much more deep than may appear we may miss it in our shedding of the old skin; the killing off of old patterns, thought-forms, constructs of ego, and so on. Sometimes we concentrate so much so on the destruction of ourselves for well meaning intent. But you know, something my mom would say from time to time, the road to Read More


Dilating the Pupil of Awareness Pt 1 – The Darkness & Hecate

Be still in the darkness. This teaches receptiveness to universal guidance. How to move in flow w/ high consciousness. If you’re quiet inside, you’ll be able to hear, see, know, feel. Then you know what moves to make, when, how. In the moment. Even in total darkness. I utilize this practice as a painter, a mother, a friend, an intuitive counselor, a healer and energy worker. We are more than what we have been led to believe. We are so much more deep, rich, fertile, aware, conscious than we have allowed ourselves to be. Sometimes when I’m really quiet and deep inside I think I can see my soul. I’m fiery and alive with a magick my conscious mind knows nothing about. I could read all the books and question all the masters and still not be as intelligent or knowledgeable as this thing which speaks to me when I’m Read More


The Magick In Your Hands Pt 1

You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve read about it in the books. Magicians and witches shooting light from their fingers, or drawing symbols upon things which would then alight with magic. If only it were real right? How much fun it would be! Well, I’m gonna say that it IS real. Just not so technicolor as in the movies or our imaginations. My story begins in my mid-twenties with a book written by a Shaolin Master divulging “secrets of the Tao” which he felt the world needed to know. The new age was dawning, humans were waking up, and he was sharing for the betterment of humanity. I gobbled that shit up. After practicing a LOT of subtle energy cultivation techniques, walking meditations, anger calming techniques and the like I finally got to the part about making magic symbols and talismans. What was this sorcery? This was something I Read More


Be Love

As far as I can tell, from my experience as well as data accumulation, Love is not the opposite of evil, hate, darkness or fear. It transcends all. Seems we get confused because we have used the term love to describe attachment, fondness, enthusiasm and so on as a short-form verb when it’s actually a noun which only appears as an action type of word in some instances because we are not always fully aware of the fact that we do not move through time. Time moves through us. Maybe there is a clarification I am not aware of as yet. A different word or conceptual twist I’m missing. Regardless, when we are acting out of a steady and grounded selfless space of love, no perceived evil can exist. There can be nothing which works against us as each and every experience, whether perceived as good or bad, leads us Read More