Babywearing Is Jedi

With baby snuggled close mama can hear him breathe, feel his warmth and know he is alright all the time. With mama snuggled close baby can hear her breathe, feel her warmth and know that near her heartbeat he is alright all the time. Keep your baby close. Babies who are worn by their mother’s develop quicker and are more emotionally satisfied than babies who are relegated to a playpen or stroller. In modern days it’s the norm to separate from everything. Including our babies. But it has not been the norm for hundred’s of thousand’s of years of human evolution. Pushing baby away is not normal from nature’s perspective, nor is it Jedi. Think electromagnetic fields and the Force. Keep the LIFE FORCE flowing. Life Force = Love. Baby wearing is so very JEDI. For more information on baby wearing visit: Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Informed Parenting The Natural Read More