Enter Grace. Allowing Divine Presence to Move Through the Chaos.

Grace is the frequency of being uplifted and untouched by the low vibe stuff while in the thick of it. Grace is the state of being bouyantly carried along by Divine Presence while navigating perceived states of discomfort. We ask for grace before a meal to ensure it will vibrate high enough to sustain us well. Where did the food come from? Was it ethically raised and prepared? What energy or health has it for us? When magickal grace is applied, miracles happen. The food we nourish ourselves with is imbued with as high a vibrational rate as we can imagine and emanate. We say a person is graceful when they can mentally and emotionally navigate difficult situations without loosing it. We say a person is graceful when they physically navigate an environment with apparent ease and beauty. Most times we believe that a person is born with grace. Some Read More