Cultivating Divine Presence Through Emotional Lenses. An Embodiment How-To.

You want Divine Presence. You can’t help but want it. This is the no circles or rituals version of making magick happen in your reality. This is spell casting in it’s raw unadulterated form. If you’re practiced in moving into and out of trance states easily, or if you’re practiced in focusing intently with present minded awareness then the following will be easy-peasy. If you’re not so experienced in either of these it may take some practice. The power of the I AM affirmation. I AM Love. I AM Joyful. I AM Vibrant. I AM Powerful. I AM Sacred. I AM imbued with Divine Grace. I AM a channel of the highest frequencies of Divine Presence. I AM a Divine Spark of the Universal Feminine Principle. I AM the embodiment of … I AM … What part of Divinity do you want to be? I AM affirmations are a powerful Read More