Astrology’s Bullshit, Right? Let me Share my Journey of Skepticism

Now, I’m an incredibly observant and analytical type of person. I notice all the things and analyze the fuck out of them. Understanding the universe and the human condition has been my life quest. I am a scientist without a “world made of the ideas of men” degree or certificate. My quest is for the truth and I know the difference between biased opinion, skewed facts and unbiased observation. I didn’t grow up with an innate “belief” in astrology. My mother didn’t teach me anything about it. I might have casually read the sun sign horoscopes in the occasional newspaper I read as a kid, but most of it never actually applied to me in any way. Long after I had delved into the mystic and researched most spiritual and philosophical ideologies from around the world at least a little bit I still hadn’t studied any astrology. I had, of Read More