For the Struggling Priest/esses

I know it’s been hard. There has been a great push in the energies to clear out ALL of the crap. The unseen crap. The crap in the basement and shoved in the corners. The crap that no one has wanted to clean up for ever so long. The crap that stinks in rancid neglect. The crap that’s been buried under our skin for many lifetimes in many forms. It’s a pain in the ass. It can be confusing. It can take a supreme amount of energy. Trust that your High Self is placing before you the necessary experiences you need in order to grow at this time. Growth is painful. It’s never easy and is always associated with having one feeling or another that is usually labeled as bad or unwelcome. Welcome the darkness sister. We are transmuting more than just our own karmas and traumas. Everything that’s been Read More