Why I Love Dark Psy / Neuro Trance & a Traditional Psytrance Progression.

I was wondering when I was going to let y’all in on the fact that I’m a psychedelic trance music devotee. Now seems as good a time as any. By the way, I also organize and host intentional psychedelic trance events. If you have no idea what psytrance is, here’s the Wiki link: Wikipedia – Psychedelic Trance Here, click play on this and listen to some while you read. Go on, I know you’ll like it, and this one has an awesomely wise message that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. If that wiki link text is too much for you, or if you’re already in the know and want to bypass the link and get on with reading my post, I’ll just say. It’s dance music. The electronic variety. Also, the psychedelic variety. Many people think psytrance is just music for people on drugs. Even from within the scene itself. For Read More